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High THCa Bundle (2 Ounces into 7g’s)


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High THCa Bundle. Embark on a journey of premium cannabis exploration with our exclusive 8-Strain High THCa Flower Bundle, crafted to elevate your experience to new heights. Carefully curated by our expert team, this bundle showcases a selection of our finest strains, handpicked from our current top sellers for their exceptional quality and potency.

What’s Inside:

* 8 (7g) High THCa Flower Strains: Indulge in a diverse array of flavors and effects, each strain meticulously chosen to deliver an unparalleled cannabis experience.

* Two Ounces of Flower: Enjoy a generous quantity of up to two ounces, perfect for those who appreciate variety and value.

Why Choose Our Bundle?

* Save: Benefit from significant savings compared to purchasing these strains individually, allowing you to enjoy premium cannabis without compromise.

* Expert Curation: Our team’s dedication ensures that only the most exceptional strains make it into this bundle, guaranteeing top-notch quality and satisfaction.

* Freshness Assured: Packaged with care to preserve freshness and potency, each bud maintains its peak condition until it reaches your doorstep.

Elevate your cannabis enjoyment with our 8-Strain High THCa Flower Bundle, designed for enthusiasts who appreciate the finest cannabis has to offer. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, creativity, or simply a moment of bliss, this bundle provides everything you need in one exquisite package.

Note: Strain selection may vary based on availability at the time of ordering.

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1 review for High THCa Bundle (2 Ounces into 7g’s)

  1. Chad

    This is a great deal. I even got strains that weren’t on the menu.

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This is Farm Bill Compliant Product and is NOT intended for use for anyone under the age of 21. This product is NOT to be consumed while or before operating any heavy vehicle or machinery. It is recommended to only consume this potent product in the comfort of your own home. Please be mindful while consuming any of the products advertised.

Stay Safe & Enjoy!