High THCa Forbidden Runtz


(3 customer reviews)

Dominant Effects: Focused

Sensations: Aroused – Euphoric – Relaxed

Flavor Profile: Pine – Ammonia – Sweet

Dominant Terpene: Pinene

3 reviews for High THCa Forbidden Runtz

  1. Donjae

    1st time ordering from here this product. very nice taste smell addicting in a good way pulls smoothly lovely purples

  2. Thomas

    Forbidden Runtz is Great!!! Taste, smell, and effect is awesome. The buds break up so easily. And like your other reviewer Sam J. This brings me back; a real blast from the past. I can’t say enough good things about this strain. I shall return.!!!

  3. Sam

    This stuff reminds me of some nice old school Red BudI had back in 1982 has a real nice earthy taste, smell is wonderful and it’s smooth with relaxing effects. I like this runtz but the Oreo Mints they have is yummmy!!! 😉 all the flowers I’ve received have been top grade!!! I’m still on a mission to find some really nice old school skunk!!! which I haven’t seen in years so my quest continues.. o.O

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High THCa Forbidden Runtz. On exhale, Forbidden Runtz offers a sweet and delicious cherry candy flavor with a hint of woody pine. The scent is extremely similar, with a woody pine undertone, fresh fruity sweets, and a tinge of gassy diesel. The Forbidden Runtz high strikes you a few minutes after you exhale, flooding your head with elevated exhilaration and mental delight. You’ll be free of any mental aches and pains in this stage, unable to concentrate on much other than your rising sensation of enjoyment. This heady elevation is accompanied by a tranquil physical high, which helps to relax your entire body with a gentle tingling that can rapidly become erotic at times.


This is Farm Bill Compliant Product and is NOT intended for use for anyone under the age of 21. This product is NOT to be consumed while or before operating any heavy vehicle or machinery. It is recommended to only consume this potent product in the comfort of your own home. Please be mindful while consuming any of the products advertised.

Stay Safe & Enjoy!