High THCa Gelonade


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Dominant Effects: Energetic

Sensations: Social – Uplifted – Energetic

Flavor Profile: Ammonia – Pepper – Citrus

Dominant Terpene: Terpinolene

1 review for High THCa Gelonade

  1. Hunter

    Shipping took a few days but it was 4/20. My Gelonade came in one of those bubble wrap bags. The flower itself was vacuum sealed in two other bags and in one of those plastic screw lid containers with a humidity pack!
    The flavor profile of the Gelonade is not my favorite but the effects are great! All in all the bud is great quality and I will definitely order again!

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High THCa Gelonade. A hybrid strain called Gelonade was created by mating Lemon Tree with Gelato #41. The tingling, upbeat effects of gelonade will make you feel like a social butterfly. Most of the tastes in this strain are sweet, such fruity citrus and vanilla. Californians love the variety called Gelonade.


This is Farm Bill Compliant Product and is NOT intended for use for anyone under the age of 21. This product is NOT to be consumed while or before operating any heavy vehicle or machinery. It is recommended to only consume this potent product in the comfort of your own home. Please be mindful while consuming any of the products advertised.

Stay Safe & Enjoy!