High THCa Hemp Gelatti


(5 customer reviews)

Dominant Terpene: Caryophyllene

Dominant Effects: Happy

Sensations: Creative – Relaxed – Mood Stabilizer

Flavor Profile: Apple – Pepper – Sweet Skunk

5 reviews for High THCa Hemp Gelatti

  1. Chris

    First time with hmp , and I am definitely impressed by the quality of this Gelatti flower. Some of the best I have had.

  2. Todd

    This was my first time getting hmp and I can definitely say that Gellati is amazing! The sensations and the dominant effect are accurate and I will get it again for sure. It is GAS trust me.

    • hmp admin

      Thank you, we hope to see you back!

  3. Andrew

    I had actually smoked a bunch of thca weed prior.(from a couple companies) I found out about HMP in my local (small town) smoke shop. Great product, and a fair price. So i searched for the HMP site… My first order was Gelatti, and WOW!!! strong, fruity, citrus dank. Very flavorful. Delicious, AND potent. Stronger than any other thca I’ve had, and much more distinctive in terps. Trimmed perfectly too. I think this is a good smoke for anyone. A Great daytime strain for me. HMP is my new flower source. Good prices + excellent quality. Worth every cent

  4. Jason

    Straight Fire! Definitely ordering more!

  5. Tyler

    This was my first time trying out THCA and I am not disappointed.This Greenhouse Gelatin might not be indoor but let me tell you not only does the flower look amazing with beautiful light greens complemented by rich purples,it packs a punch while remaining smooth from start to finish.The nose and taste are both surprisingly strong.Its more sweet than skunky wrapped inside of that genuine “dank” smell.I definitely got deep notes of apple when toked much more noticable on the inhale than it was on the nose,getting that pepper most on the exhale but that after taste is something to experience.A strong profile consisting of apple,sweet skunky dank,with a hint of pepper in the middle ground.For the price per quality I rate this 5/5. It had me ordering some Gorilla Glue #4 the moment it dropped 2 days later. All flower on site is top tier and a wise choice.Don’t sleep on it just bc it says “greenhouse mids” because the folks at hmp. don’t know how to push anything but top shelf.Just a side note,if your wonder how their customer service is it’s preemo and they will do what they can to make whatever it is right.I highly suggest the Route protection plan.Its ridiculously affordable and the team at Route will protect you from damaged lost or stolen items just like it did for me.Sounds like a paid or fake review but it ain’t dnt kno how to proov it but hopfulieh dis is gud enuf to verify lmao.PEACE

  6. Jr

    Great stuff real stinky in a good way

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