High THCa Hemp Ayahuasca Purple (slightly smaller buds)

(3 customer reviews)

Dominant Terpene: Myrcene

Dominant Effects: Relaxed

Sensations: Euphoric – Mood Stabilizer – Cozy

Flavor Profile: Nutty – Gassy – Herbal Spice

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3 reviews for High THCa Hemp Ayahuasca Purple (slightly smaller buds)

  1. Norma J.

    this strain is AMAZING I have loved every strain, will be ordering more when back in stock

    • hmp admin .

      Thank you Norma. I hope you like the new drop!

  2. Michael S.

    Right out of the jar you smell a gassy smell and that purple smell. The taste of the smoke has that purple earthy taste. I really enjoyed the buzz it packs. It’s very good for pain and stress. Had a very stressful day at work yesterday,came home and smoked a bowl,the stress was gone. I also think this strain helps with anxiety too. This and the chemdawg are my favorites so far.

    • hmp admin .

      Thank you for the thoughtful review!

  3. PHIL W.

    hmp. picks up right where THC left off and delivers the gas.⛽ from day one. Order arrived well packaged as always and included all the COAs and legal paperwork. The buds were decent sized and well cured. Green with nice purples popping through and plenty of trichomes. The nose for me is a fairly mild earthy scent with a touch of funk (the good kind) and gets a little more pronounced on breakdown. Smokes very mild with an earthy taste and maybe a hint of pine on the finish. The effects are great as well. Very relaxing from head to toe. Overall, you can’t go wrong with this one or for that matter with hmp. in general.

    • hmp admin .

      Thank you, Phil. We appreciate the time you took to write this thoughtful review!

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This is Farm Bill Compliant Product and is NOT intended for use for anyone under the age of 21. This product is NOT to be consumed while or before operating any heavy vehicle or machinery. It is recommended to only consume this potent product in the comfort of your own home. Please be mindful while consuming any of the products advertised.

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