High THCa Hemp Gelato #41


Dominant Effects: Creative

Sensations: Creative – Relaxed – Social

Flavor Profile: Lavender – Pepper – Berry

Dominant Terpene: Limonene


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High THCa Hemp Gelato #41. Gelato #41 is a hybrid strain that provides a powerful, calming body high without clouding the intellect. Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies are combined to make Gelato 41. This strain includes blooms that range in color from light green to purple, as well as trichomes that emit a pleasant and earthy scent with undertones of lavender and pine. Gelato 41 is a powerful strain, and the high is best reserved for people seeking for a new hard hitter.


This is Farm Bill Compliant Product and is NOT intended for use for anyone under the age of 21. This product is NOT to be consumed while or before operating any heavy vehicle or machinery. It is recommended to only consume this potent product in the comfort of your own home. Please be mindful while consuming any of the products advertised.

Stay Safe & Enjoy!